About the Brand

It is from the junction of the first syllables of the names of the founder of the company that is born this successful Portuguese brand. In 1939, Américo Barbosa founded in AMBAR, a company dedicated to the binding. Business whose activity has evolved into office products such as file folders, binders, notebooks and purses, or school supplies, including backpacks and cases, as well as personal use materials, from organizers, diaries and fancy wrapping paper. After a devastating fire that completely destroyed the plant in full operation, with over a thousand workers, in 1976 Ambar reorganized itself, modernized its facilities and created an evolved computerized structure. The new equipment and spaces gave a new impetus to the company and, as early as the 1980s, there was a marked growth and discovery of foreign markets.
In 1986 AMBAR Spain was created and the range of countries where the brand exports more than 25 years ago began to expand. Isabel Barbosa, daughter of the founder, took over the family business after the death of Américo Barbosa in 1996 , and it is from this point on that AMBAR takes over the renewal as a key word. With the turn of the century the brand sought to reposition itself on a plane closer to the consumer, to become more current, betting on design as a differentiating element. In 2004, he changed his name to AMBAR - Ideias no Papel, SA. and launches a strategy based on Research and Development. At the same time, the investments in Marketing and Communication, as well as the consolidation and growth of the export market, are assumed as primordial. The latter through the adaptation of products to foreign consumers with appealing design and high quality. In the industrial zone of Ramalde where, still today, it has its headquarters and production unit, the company continues to widen horizons. The project continues, exploring new lines of product design, new markets and new ideas on paper!